Crisis Management Consulting

Protects your corporate reputation with strategic issues management.

A crisis is any event that puts your customers, employees, or the community at risk and can seriously harm your reputation and brand. In today’s fast moving world of blogs, websites, and social media channels humming 24 hours a day, even the most ethical companies can find themselves in a crisis.

The best way to prepare for a crisis is by involving your entire management team in preparing a complete crisis management plan before you need it.  The plan, which lays out specific assignments for the leadership team and identifies steps in the crisis resolution process, leaves you with a plan of action that can be put in place at a moment’s notice.  In today’s world of social media, that plan must include web monitoring,  plans for responding quickly to blogs and other online media, and details of how to launch a complete face-to-face and online communication program for key audiences. That usually includes Community Forums, Employee Town Halls, video outreach, and using a variety of tools for community interaction.

VHPR helps organizations protect reputations by manage issues before they have a negative impact on their brand.

Metrics Play a Key Role in Outreach Efforts

VHPR uses traditional and social media metrics for establishing a baseline and tracking the impact of the work that we do for our clients. These metrics are selected in advance and the baseline reviewed regularly so you can evaluate the return on your investment.

The metrics can range from customer inquiries and leads generated to sales and profitability. For workplace communication projects, they might involve employee job satisfaction, trust, engagement, and even turnover.

Brand metrics can include overall awareness, trust, and product knowledge. The important thing is that the metrics are put in place at the start and monitored carefully throughout, so you know what each dollar spent is generating.

The VHPR tailored online media monitor is an important, cost effective part of the effort. We utilize the latest in automate online search techniques to generate a daily report of what is being said about your organization in traditional media and on blogs, websites, and Twitter.

This data is presented to you in a monthly summary format, broken into categories that are important to you, so you can evaluate trends and changes. Also, you have a complete history of the coverage at your fingertips.