VHPR Services

VHPR delivers services in three areas.

  • Shaping your brand and story for the mobile world

    Brand Journalism is the process of going directly to your critical audiences, taking on the role of a journalist or reporter in telling about your company, your values and why you are a good business partner.  Ask yourself: what makes a good story? Think about the last time you were drawn to a book, newspaper article, or a radio or television program.

  • Crisis management consulting

    A crisis is any event that puts your customers, employees, or the community at risk and can seriously harm your reputation and brand. In today’s fast moving world of blogs, websites, and social media channels humming 24 hours a day, even the most ethical companies can find themselves in a crisis.

  • Employee communications strategy development

    The workplace has undergone a huge change with the evolution of social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, other social media sites, and the explosion in the use of websites and blogs.  It’s more important than ever to be sure that employees understand key corporate messages and that the company understands the employees’ opinions and insights.