In an effort to keep up-to-date on all the current social media tools, we are excited to start experimenting with Twitter, a micro-blogging tool used to send short updates to your contacts throughout the day. This may seem too basic or too intrusive, but Twitter is a rapidly-growing tool that has implications for you personally and professionally.

Personally, this can be a great tool to keep in contact with family members and friends, and quickly and easily update them on your travel plans, relationship status – or exciting news (think “It’s a Boy!”).

Professionally, more and more business people are using Twitter as another way to communicate with audiences – whether that be community members, employees, or the media. You can send out updates on what you’re working on, seek statistics or sources for projects, test out product ideas, and pitch the media. All in 160 characters!

For example, here is a site where community members of Columbus, Ohio chat with their local NBC affiliate and each other using Twitter.

Other companies who are “tweeting”:

Check out the VHPR Twitter account here and let us know what you think about this micro-blogging phenomenon!