~ Article by Guest Author Anita Thompson

If you check in to Boyd’s insights into social media, you know how important this element is to today’s marketing mix. It’s all about telling your story and what makes your business unique through the new media.

There are some great success stories of small businesses who have tapped into this resource, among them Seattle-based Little One Books who we featured in The Costco Connection awhile back.

But how best to direct your limited resources (aka time) is a challenge. As Katt Stearns, a Vancouver, BC-based consultant notes, typing “social media” into a search engine will be enough to stop the process cold. Her recommendations for some of the top sites for info on social media include:

  • Social Media Examiner
  • The Sales Lion
  • Hub Spot
  • Content Marketing Institute
  • Amy Porterfield
  • Socialbakers

Let us know if any of these are helpful.

If you want to learn more, Stearns will be one of many top presenters at the upcoming EXCELerate 2015 conference to be held in Vancouver, September 30 to October 2. The stated mission of the conference is to significantly impact and increase the economic empowerment of women globally through knowledge, connections and collaboration.

The event brings together a roster of experts to help women entrepreneurs expand their horizons. Dan Price, CEO of Seattle’s Gravity Payments, who recently gained fame for raising his employees’ salaries to $70,000 per year, will be a keynote speaker.

A main sponsor of EXCELerate 2015 is GroYourBiz, which recently launched in Seattle. GroYourBiz and its MyBusinessMyBoard™ concept brings together small groups of women business owners who meet in peer-to-peer sessions with experts with the goal of taking their ventures to the next level. GroYourBiz has a successful track record across Canada and has also launched U.S. chapters in Phoenix and Chicago.

If you attend the conference, blog about what you learned as part of your social media strategy.

About the Author:  Anita Thompson has worked in employee communications, public relations and most recently as editorial director of The Costco Connection.