Seven Big Thought Reminders for Communicators From PSAMA Marketing Mix

The 2012 PSAMA Marketing Mix Conference in Seattle on March 20 was a home run for communicators. It was a great opportunity to step back and think globally about issues like engagement, social media, and user based communication.

My goal is to write in detail about what several of the outstanding speakers said. For now I wanted to share (without attribution) seven “big thought” reminders I found helpful in framing how I think about and explain social media to my clients.

Seven Big Thoughts/Reminders

  • Consumers won’t tell your story, they will tell theirs.
  • What is your “so what?”
  • Social media can facilitate referrals, it should not be the referral.
  • Life is about moments.
  • Real trumps perfect.
  • Brand is what you do, reputation is what people think of you.
  • Experiment, adjust, evolve.

Agree, disagree? Thoughts appreciated.