The changing face of Vietnam is is evident in the temples and historic sites that survived years of conflict and in incredible growth and prosperity of this wonderful country, fueled by neighbors Korea, China and Japan.

In the historic markets of Hoi An throngs come for textiles, clothes making and more. Da Nang bustles with international business and tourism. Hanoi, the capital in the north is changing too, but holds on to its Vietnamese roots. A two day journey on Halong Bay exposes the incredible beauty of this area, with kayaking, and incredible shells.
As for Ho Chi Minh City – Next time.

Wonderful to spend Monday, February 6 in Da Nang, a good distance from the political action in Hanoi. A beautiful monastery, the imposing Lady Buddha and the amazing InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort overlooking the “South Vietnam Sea”.

Visit to a Buddhist Temple in Da Nang where there is a memorial to our friend Don Summers who taught in Vietnam and passed away there. We got to meet with the Temple Master.

Lady Buddha

InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort

Last day of Tet celebration in Hanoi.

Bicycles and motorbikes are a key element of transportation in Vietnam


Can’t forget the beauty of Oahu on the beginning of our trip.
Trip up the Eastside of the island on the way to Turtle Bay and a wonderful surfing contest.

These are from the Hawaiian Island of Oahu on trip around island on way to Turtle Bay. Great surfing event.