2409, 2012

Welcome to "Brand Journalism"

September 24th, 2012|

Welcome to "Brand Journalism."  While I didn't invent the term (wish I had), I think explaining it will go a long way in helping leaders in small- and mid-sized companies  rethink communication and embrace the greater use of social media. Like many business communicators I have sometimes gotten excited about the potential for new communication [...]

1004, 2012

Seven Big Thought Reminders for Communicators

April 10th, 2012|

Seven Big Thought Reminders for Communicators From PSAMA Marketing Mix The 2012 PSAMA Marketing Mix Conference in Seattle on March 20 was a home run for communicators. It was a great opportunity to step back and think globally about issues like engagement, social media, and user based communication. My goal is to write in detail [...]

903, 2012

"Getting to Calm–The Art and Value of Slowing Down as a Parent" has something for everyone to think about.

March 9th, 2012|

My wife, Loma, and I attended the annual fundraiser for PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support) Tuesday, March 6 at Fischer Pavilion.  The audience trended heavily to the younger consumers who get great value from PEPS (http://www.peps.org/) when they first become parents. They provide thousands of volunteer hours to sustain a growing range of programs [...]