2107, 2008

Associated Press still packs a wallop – and content (a good story) still matters

July 21st, 2008|

With all the attention given to social media, influential bloggers, thought leaders and online news sites, it’s always nice to be reminded that some rules of “ old”  media still apply, namely – if you offer something of interest, it will probably take off. Patricia Edwards is a portfolio manager and retail specialist with our [...]

1807, 2008

Staying ahead of your competitors

July 18th, 2008|

Staying ahead of your competitors can be tough in the social media / web 2.0 era, just ask the United States Army. United States Army Secretary Pete Geren says the Army is still lagging in social media communications. He said that this explains how "just one man in a cave that's hooked up to the [...]

1707, 2008

Using video to tell your story

July 17th, 2008|

David E. Katri, Clark Nuber's CEO, was interviewed by the Society for Human Resource Magazine after being selected for the second time as one of the “50 Best Small & Medium Companies to Work for in America.” See the interview and read the article here: http://www.shrm.org/video/08videos/070708cn.asp An employee survey, management questionnaire, and internal firm materials counted [...]

2306, 2008

Don’t think that video is in your future? Information Week says get ready!

June 23rd, 2008|

An article in the June 2 issue of Information Week, Make It YourTube (Link below), makes a great case for why companies need to use video in telling their story on the internet. While it gets way to technical when talking about equipment, it makes three points that continually reinforce in our program “Introduction to [...]