2209, 2008

Facebook: The 11 Business Benefits

September 22nd, 2008|

The popularity of Facebook is growing.  What began as a social networking tool for college students on campuses across the United States has evolved into an international platform for professionals and business-minded people.  Businesses are using this social media tool as a medium to reach out to their clients and market their brand.  Click on [...]

1909, 2008

Unprecedented Communication for Unprecedented Times

September 19th, 2008|

I am already tired of words like “free-fall” and “meltdown” being used to describe the current state of economic affairs.  I think “unprecedented” is a far more appropriate term and think companies should start taking “unprecedented” steps to communicate with key audiences in these volatile times.  Our clients are finding that concern over economic events [...]

1509, 2008

Wall Street Journal Launches New Social Media Site

September 15th, 2008|

The Wall Street Journal launched a new social media site this week.  In addition to providing content found in the WSJ, the new site will allow users to email, set up personal profiles, and consult business professionals about topics they are experts on.  Subscribers of the Wall Street Journal can use this site free of [...]

1209, 2008

See How Boyer Bank Uses Social Media to Emphasize Financial Soundness

September 12th, 2008|

   With many banks in financial turmoil, Walla Walla’s Baker Boyer Bank wanted to emphasize its strong financial position. Chairman and CEO Megan Clubb used a video podcast to announce a 10 cent stock dividend and remind customers  that Baker Boyer had not participated in risky real estate loans.  Direct access from the front page [...]