2306, 2010

Telling Your Story in the New Media World

June 23rd, 2010|

Here's another example of the way you tell your story in the new media world.  The Washington Manufacturing Alert produced by former Seattle Post-Intelligencer business writer Bill Virgin has now added a space for its subscribers to tell their stories. VHPR was one of the first participants.  Great newsletter--great advertisers? Click on image to [...]

2605, 2010

Location, location, location – extend the value of your brand into the gathering places of new markets

May 26th, 2010|

The new gathering places—the water coolers, street corners, and picket fences—of our time are on the Web. Conversations that can influence how the public knows about and evaluates your products and services are taking place in blogs, on FaceBook and through Twitter. Are you there to hear what’s being said? Are you there to engage [...]

605, 2010

Need Proof the Economy is Improving? Do Some Tennis Shoe Research

May 6th, 2010|

While you wouldn't know it from the Pacific Northwest weather, it feels like the economic climate is definitely warming up. I'll leave it to the research firms to come up with the “proof statements” like consumer confidence, manufacturing data and home sales. My “tennis shoe indicators” (gained by walking around and chatting) point towards an [...]

2203, 2010

Getting Your Organization to Phase II in Social Media

March 22nd, 2010|

Like so many items that deal with the new world of social media, the idea for this post came from random events. The first was trying to come up with a topic for a forum on social media I'll be moderating in a few weeks. Since I met with the same business group last year, [...]