903, 2010

Three Things You Should Learn From the Challenges Faced by Banks

March 9th, 2010|

In the last year or so, the banking industry has been under fire from many places.  VHPR works with a range of community banks and also conducts online media monitoring for several financial services clients. To those in other businesses and industries who think they have nothing to learn from the challenges being faced by [...]

201, 2010

Thoughts on Behavior Styles, Social Media and Keeping My Glass Half Full in 2010

January 2nd, 2010|

Happy New Year! I'm definitely on the list of folks who was delighted to see 2009 fade into history. Although my personal life was enriched by a new granddaughter, a new son-in-law and some great family and cycling time, let's face it, the business climate was lousy. I believe we can see better days in [...]

2411, 2009

Are You Ready for a 2010 Upturn? Start by finding new ways to engage your customers

November 24th, 2009|

Recent conversations with folks representing a wide range of industries tells me the jury is still out on how much of an economic upturn we'll see in 2010. Banks are still slow to lend, construction is at a standstill and excess buildings are still under construction. That being said, there are signs that in some [...]

2108, 2009

Three Realities That Will Determine The Success of Your Company’s Social Media Program

August 21st, 2009|

Now that epic cyclist Lance Armstrong has embraced Twitter to promote his LiveStrong Foundation with the same enthusiasm he brings to leaving people behind on the Alp De Huez (http://twitter.com/lancearmstrong), it seems right to borrow from the title of his best selling book “It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life” (http://www.amazon.com/Its-Not-About-Bike-Journey/dp/0399146113) as [...]