How Strong Is Your Story?
Answer these Questions to find out.

Reader and viewer attention spans are shrinking as demand for their attention grows. Does everything you send them on mobile phones, via e-mail or in other channels tell a strong consistent brand message for you? Here are some questions to help evaluate your story.

  1. It is interesting and a little different? People won’t click on a link or read a story they have heard time and again. What is there about your story that will catch their eye?
  2. Does it address issues that are relevant to them and provide information they can use.
  3. Do you clearly spell out what next steps they should take? Look at the topic through their eye and ask if it would attract you if you weren’t involved.
  4. Are the characters and the plot the story interesting and compelling? Draw on the customers and employees to come up with stories that reflect your brand differences.
  5. Do you have good visuals, including photos or videos? They are critical for sizzle and there is no excuse for not providing them today.

When you have crafted a good story, plan multiple ways to use it for the best results.