Your Business & the VHPR B+3C Communication Scale

Here’s a Critical Question for You:

How Is Your Business Doing on the VHPR B+3C Communication Scale?

Ok–this time we mean it! As you look out at the prospects for 2015 it looks very much that a year of real change is upon us. That real change will come in three key areas:

  1. Customers will really begin to spend with gusto and many businesses are not ready.
  2. The long discussed managerial leadership transition from Baby Boomers to Gen X and Millennials is going to bring major changes to workplace and customer communications.
  3. The transition to the mobile world has happened at a pace few anticipated. Communicating with customers and employees and listening to them is all happening on your mobile device.

Here are the definitions for your B+3C Scale. More on how to rate them and make changes later.

B is for your Brand:
In a fast-changing world it is critical that your brand is clear, has impact and captures what makes you different.

Content must be visual:  This mobile phone pix really captured the experience of exiting a  catamaran in big waves. Hello Go Pro!

Content must be visual: Based on comments, this mobile phone pix really captured the experience of exiting a catamaran in big waves. Hello Go Pro!

The first C is for Content:
Your firm now needs to develop and clearly tell the story of who you are. That means generating ongoing stories hat bring your message to life.

The second C is for Channels:
The rapid growth in social media has created hundreds of channels where you can take your message, get feedback and engage with your critical audiences. It takes time and experimentation to decide which works best for you.

The final C is for Connection:
Your brand, the content you generate and the channels you choose are the platform you use to connect with critical audiences. Reaching them means talking about what is important to them and showing you can listen.

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