Print the survey from this Web page or download and print out this pdf version:

[download id=”1235″].

Use this survey to determine how well your brand is doing. Ask several people in your organization to take it as well.

  1. Our story is interesting and clear and addresses issues important to our clients.
  2. Our employees know what makes us special and live that brand every day.
  3. Our employees are empowered to provide the type of service our customers expect and resolve problems
  4. Our brand story and where we tell it has evolved to respond to the rapid growth of social media and the growth in reliance on the mobile platform.

Scoring: Refer to the responses on these as a great start in deciding where you are and what you need to do.

As you review the survey results, also consider the following:


  • Do we know why our customers want to do business with us?
  • What sets us apart from the other firms they could be working with?
  • Have we refreshed our brand values to reflect the changes in our customer needs and wants?


  • Do employees understand the answers to these questions?
  • Are they empowered to take the steps necessary to fix things that stand in the way of delivering on your brand promise?
  • Have you developed a set of stories and examples?