I am in a wonderful phase of my personal life and career.   As I was reflecting on what I think will be exciting growth in 2013, I decided it was a great time to talk about my transition and what it means for VHPR. I’ve spent over 40 years as a newspaper reporter, university writer/editor, bank internal communications manager and communications agency owner. My transition means taking more time for travel with my wife Loma who retired from the Bellevue school district after 30 years in education, and spending time with our two grandchildren and their parents.  It also means selling our home of the past 26 years, finding a condominium in the Seattle area and building a home on our property at Hood Canal.

To make time for all that, I am narrowing my focus to three areas I believe are most important for clients in making a successful transition to the era of social media and engagement.  I will be using my experience and passion for communication to help clients with #keyaudienceengagement, #crisismanagement planning and developing and telling their own unique stories http://tinyurl.com/bo4eayd using #brandjournalism. While the # sign doesn’t really belong here, I used it because it is a Twitter technique that is critical to being sure people find and read what you have to say. There’s always a social media angle.

I’m talking about my career and work transition now because if I tell someone I’m having fun, traveling more and following my passions, their first comment is “So you’ve retired, right?”  I want to be transparent, but that’s not a message that will lead to referrals for challenging projects in 2013.

I can manage this transition and remain involved as a strategic communication consultant in large part because of the tools that have developed to support the fast paced, always changing multi-channeled world of social media. Armed with my iPad, iPhone and the latest apps, and with access to social media channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, I can be part of a client team wherever I am.  In recent months I have written employee and client messaging materials for a law firm, a government agency and banking clients from the Coast of Maine, Santa Fe, and Canada.

As a strategic communication consultant I bring ideas and an outside perspective and the ability to produce content quickly.  I often also help internal staff prepare a response strategy and tactics they can then use in the future.

I hope you’ll contact VHPR to discuss how my expertise and narrower focus fits your needs.  And if anyone asks, please let them know that Boyd is not retired, he’s just embracing a transition in life and communication.