Alaska brand reenergizing included a larger smile for their brand totem Eskimo.

Consider Alaska Airlines Approach

Alaska has always been my airline. They are locked in battle with larger Delta for customers, routes and independence. The February issue of Beyond magazine discusses their “brand reenergizing.”

Hornall Anderson did the visual work and the article features comments from two Alaska executives about what they wanted to accomplish.

Insert the name of your company in the Purpose, Values and Goals statements below and consider the words that tell your brand story. It’s a critical exercise for anyone wanting to set themselves apart in a market where things move quickly and chances to get visibility should not be missed.

Alaska’s Purpose: One goal was to make sure the brand communicates “who we are and what we stand for, including our brand values, to people who don’t already know us. “ The Question for you—What story does a first look at your brand tell?

Alaska Brand Values: “Our goal was to carefully articulate our brands values and personality more clearly.” Strength, Courage and Optimism were their three key values. Your question, what are your key brand values?

Goals for New Brand images: “ We wanted brand impressions to be more “relevant, precise and legible.” Good words to describe what is needed for clear communication in the digital world every impression and look is critical.

You will be hearing and seeing a lot more about Alaska’s Brand Refresh. The Purpose, Values and Goals test will help you consider how to apply it for your own business.

Image & excerpts from article in Alaska Airlines Beyond Magazine